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GAFI featured in First News!

Date: Fri 25th April 2014

GAFI was recently featured in an issue of the National UK children’s newspaper First News. Read the article written by the pupils from two of our GAFI Twinning Schools Programme below:

The Great Ape Film Initiative (GAFI) is an inspirational project, working to save the Great Apes. GAFI sends pedal powered cinemas (PPCs)  to countries such as Uganda to educate the children about how to protect these wonderful animals. Denis Agaba from the GAFI project visited our schools with the “Pedal Powered Cinema ” Schools Tour, to raise awareness of how some of the Great Apes are on the verge of extinction. He told us that the Great Apes are Bonobos, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and

Orang-utans. The fifth Great Ape is a human!

The cinema is powered by pedalling a bike and we all had the chance to try it out. Denis takes the PPC the heart of the remotest communities in Uganda, to show local children films about the importance of conserving their  local environment, in particular the habitats of the Great Apes. Many of these children have no idea that these endangered animals live in so  close to their homes and villages and have never seen a Great Ape before. Watching films through PPC allows them to realise that they have a vital responsibility to protect their local environment and the  endangered creatures that live within it. We have raised money to send to Uganda to help to buy more pedal powered cinemas and our schools are now going to twin with two schools in Uganda.  GAFI are currently buying a UK Pedal Powered cinema and offering the School Twinning programme to schools across the UK.

By Emily Bolton, Sam Whyte and Owen Reynolds

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