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GAFI Volunteers

Our volunteers are truly some of the best people on the planet and GAFI would not have achieved a fraction of its amazing results without them. We always have vacancies for new volunteers as we strive to expand the work into more ape range states , local communities, schools and also support other endangered species through our ngo partners.

GAFI is a non profit organisation that is run entirely by volunteers like you. None of us take a salary which allows every penny that is donated to go into the field work to make a difference. This means we rely completely upon the passion and commitment of our current volunteers but these dedicated people need you to join the team . Quite simply the more volunteers we have the more we can achieve – making an even bigger difference.

Don’t be shy, we believe that every single person can make a difference but sometimes we don’t know what to do. Take a look at some ideas:

  • Do you have skills or knowledge of organisation or working with teams? If so you could help organise our volunteer team
  • Have you travelled abroad ? – perhaps you would like to support our GAFI Tour in Uganda
  • Do you have an interest in a particular great ape species – if so we could include you in the field projects in Africa or SE Asia
  • Are you well informed about current affairs – keeping track of the latest news that affects great apes and sending it to the website team is important in keeping our supporters fully informed
  • Do you have skills in website management – our website needs new content uploaded
  • Do you have an interest in managing our Youtube channel – this is about to become an important communication area for GAFI

These ideas are just a tiny fraction of the possibilities that are waiting for you. If you want to make a difference and have regular time to donate to GAFI please contact the GAFI Director Madelaine Westwood on

We look forward to you being in the team.

The Team